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Company profile:
Professional design all kinds of electroplating production line(Hardware,Special material,Electrons,Electroless plating)The special hanging fixture,Used in various special environment

Teflon(PTFE,ECTFE)Series design and surface coating

SprayTuProcessing。Production capacity20000Sets/Month;Products involved

A meterCalculateMachine parts processing and manufacturing,PCB、FPCCircuit board manufacturing and

Zi chanManufacturer of product processing and manufacturing industries。

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The phone:0752-3261891  


Address:Huizhou ZhongKai zhang road area Chen Jianghui forward industrial zone

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The phone:0752-3261891   Fax:0752-3222399   The

Address:Huizhou ZhongKai zhang road area Chen Jianghui forward industrial zone 

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