Lianyungang branch letter chemical co., LTD. To provide you with electronic level ferrous sulfate、Food grade potassium hydrogen phosphate、Reagent grade ammonium citrate、Food grade ammonium sulfate and other related information release and the latest information

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Lianyungang branch letter chemical co., LTD

Lianyungang branch letter chemical co., LTD(Jiangsu koren much food ingredients co., LTD. Sales company)In producing food additives phosphate、Acetic acid salt、Citric acid salt、Oxalic acid salt and iron mineral elements、Zinc、Magnesium、Manganese、Such as copper based a medium-sized private enterprises。Is located in lianyungang city, jiangsu province lianyungang branch letter fill cloud development zone,Covers an area of nearly200m,The construction area5000... [To check the details]


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